Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holiday christmas card..

Last Weekend, my bff (on so many levels) went out to take family pictures of each others family's. Since we are so photoshop savvy these days, we thought we would save money and they would turn out great! Well, they did!!! I am so impressed. They look quite professional.

Here's my card:

Mine turned out quite non-traditional. But, I really like it. I was thinking I would do it more traditional, but the pinks in our sweaters just wouldn't allow it. Things to think of next year!

It is all from the kit "heavenly holiday" by atomic cupcake.

Anyways, I must get ready for day 2 of the craft sale, Maybe I'll get permission to post Jess's card. It turned out beautiful and a little more traditional. I am so proud of us!!

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tacostandmama said...

I am also so proud of us! We rock! Yes, please put up my pic too.