Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun Flock is here!!!

My Stampendous order arrived today!!! It is quite big, so I will be updating our store all weekend. Be sure to stop by! Here are the colors of Fun flock we're carrying. I have all the colors but white, which should be arriving shortly....

They are $2.50 each, or The "I want it all" price of $40 for 19 colors. We also carry the Stamp N Bond Powder to adhere the fun flock. Have a great weekend!!! It's beautiful here, hope fully we can get some yard work done too!!!

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Thank you, I am now officially addicted to fun-flock. I thought it was bad having sparkles all over the house, this takes it to a whole new level though. I think you should sell lint-brushes to go with it, or at least a warning not to wear your black sweats when using bright yellow! I do love it so, I will be getting as many colours as I can get my hands on!