Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Picnic Card Set

Ok, Ok, last time I posted something my Mom made I got in sh*t for not giving her the credit! lol!

This is made by my MOM for our Etsy store. She was inspired by Angie Kennedy Juda. She loves her and checks her blog daily! Thanks Angie! We also love our Chick Stands! Now go check out her blog!

I'll post the recipe later~She forgot to right down the deets for me..And I'm having a total brain block! Have a good one!


Angie said...

Super cute and so much fun to make :) have a good day!!

Peg said...

Ahhhh!!! A card idea I can case...I got the set but haven't had any brainy ideas as to what I'd use it for. Tell mom she did great--tell her I say hi!