Friday, September 19, 2008

I LOVE buttons!!

I can't help it~It's one of those things. I just love them, and have a hard time parting with them. But, I found a TON at my local dollar store and couldn't resist. I saw this card by Lauren Meader, and I had to case!

Here's a close up:

I used a way old retired SU stamp set, and a few other SU sets, but I stole them out of my Mom's stamps. Literally right out of the box, so I'm not sure where they belong. I will get into trouble for sure!

Hope you all have a stamping filled weekend! I hope to!


mudmaven said...

Great card. Buttons are just so much fun! Better figure out where those stamps go - SCS gallery is a good place to figure out what stamps go in a set - just look up the name of the set you think you took them out of and you can see what stamps are supposed to be in the set. Keep mom happy!

Peg said...

Just came from the $$ store...the button basket is FULL, FULL, FULL!! Control yourself, girlie! They look great.