Monday, September 15, 2008

Lynne's Tin

So, in May, my Mother and Father in law had a fire in their house. They lost pretty much everything. Including a stash of cards I made her. I made her this tin to fill up and organize her cards. (and people's birthdays and anniversarys!) it is!

I used a tin I bought from Eclectic Paperie (back when they still shipped to Canada) and retired Stampin up Paper. I downloaded a template from SCS to cut out the little notch. Who doesn't love SCS!!

Here's whats inside:

I used co-ordinating Blue Bayou paper to make dividers for each month. I also printed out a little desktop-type calendar so that she could write everyone's birthdays and events on each divider. Organization at it's best! :)

We're off to Brownies! Here's my proud little Brownie! Did you know they don't wear Brown dresses anymore?!

Happy Monday!


Jesse said...

I LOVE your card tin. I think Lynn will think it's awewome, she may even cry. Nothin' like makin' your mother-in-law cry. I think this is what I shall make for my mom for her birthday. I just gotta find a tin...maybe at Michael's?

I am sad that Brookie does not have th brown dress to wear, but she still looks very "Brownie-ish." Nice work. I bet she will get her crafting badge super quick with a mom like you!

Anita C said...

I'm lovin the card tin that you made. Your such a thoughtful daughter-in-law :)
Brooklyn looks good in orange, so are they still called Brownies or is it Orangies now? :D