Thursday, October 4, 2007

Star Ornament

Here are the directions for the star ornament. Super Simple!

Cut a piece of designer paper 6" x 6" and make score marks every 1"

Next, fold it like accordian style.

Now, fold it in half to find the middle (around 3" mark) and staple

Take your scissors and start cutting about 1/2" from the staple, up to the ends (not on the folded side)

Do this on both side of the staple so that it looks like this:

Then put a little piece of sticky strip above the staple on both sides (placement of the sticky strip is important)

Now fold the accordian out, so that the sticky strips hold it together

Add a little hole with a tiny punch, and some cord, and you have your self a tree ornament or a decoration for a present!!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Thank you for these instructions. You made it so much easier than it looks.